Friday, June 12, 2009

Inception of Prometheus The Band

It’s been a while since we thought of this but I guess now is the time to introduce you all to Prometheus, the Bangalore based rock band!!! Below is a mini-blog which sums it up……….

PROMETHEUS is an eccentric Indian rock band that was formed in Bangalore during the year 2003. Since its inception, the band’s line-up had included Luke (lead vocals), Sagar (lead & rhythm guitar), Vipin (lead guitar) and Ujay (bass guitar & backing vocals). Graduating from the same college, we were enthralled with rock music which actually brought us in outlining our rock band

Back in those days, we did manage to find a drummer who was an alternative show man and was also adding in his presence during our practice sessions only a day or two in advance before any of our stage performances/shows.

Duh!!! That's how I guess, we used to pull off shows with our ad-hoc measures!!! As we kept treading along the line of jamming sessions and performances/shows, we finally bumped into Shekhar (our lead vocalist & guitarist) and Sanjit (our keyboard player).

Today, with several line-up changes at the band, we are focusing on authentic rock music as practiced by the good-old rock gurus and are also improvising our own style for the future music release of Prometheus.

Today Prometheus are;

Shekhar (Guitars & Vocals)
Sanjit (Keyboards & Vocals)
Sagar (Drums & Backing Vocals)
Ujay (Bass, Guitars and Backing Vocals)

We are in deep anticipation, awaiting the moment when our extensive play list will soon be featured and will be made available to all the rock fans out there, at the nearest music stores.

Well, the story so far has been the expedition of Prometheus, the rock band.... there are many more interesting stories and adventures we have had along this wonderful journey of music which we started in the past and hope to take it a long way in to the future with your support. Please favor this blog with your humble interests and suggestions which will help us in achieving the path of success.

Feel free to join in and don't forget to share your valuable views on anything/everything related to being a successful rock band. We will definitely not dishearten you!